SWIMM Show Their Softer Side with ‘Beverly Hells’ [Video]

The duo SWIMM, comprised of Adam Winn and Chris Hess, gave us a taste of their satirical side in their latest music video for the softer psych-rock track “Beverly Hells”. The video shines a light on the confines of celebrity devotion. In a culture where brand and image trumps personality and inner beauty, SWIMM shows just how materialism takes precedence — the protagonist, a statuesque blonde, is also the physical embodiment of the antagonist, in this case the antagonist being Hollywood. The video’s clean aesthetic and tight frame shots create a singular look, almost symbolizing an indirect message of just how narcissistic Hollywood can be. The song’s driving force is its echoing guitar progressions through the chorus and the angelic vocals. The talented duo is set to release their first EP later this year — in the meantime check out their video above.


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