Sure Sure Know How to Have Fun in ‘Koreatown’ [Stream]

I’m not sure specifically what Sure Sure’s latest track actually has to do with Koreatown beyond mentioning it as a location once (and which Koreatown are we talking about here? L.A.? New York? I need more information.), but I know that I had a good time while there. In “Koreatown,” the four-piece continues to keep things refreshingly simple in both its sound and its visuals. The jangly piano and straightforward rhythm section bring to mind Girls Can Tell-era Spoon and the instant pleasure of ’90s power pop favorite Brendan Benson (am I the only one who hasn’t forgotten about “Tiny Spark”?).

The lo-fi lyric video (not their first; see the video for “Friends,” which also gets an honorable mention for name-checking Baja Fresh, a mediocre fast food Cali-Mex chain that I have not thought about in well over a decade) shows the band goofing around in a car and driving around the city while lyrics flash on the car’s windows. A group of friends hasn’t had this much fun in a car since Wayne and Garth head-banged to “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Join in on the fun by streaming the song above.

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