Sundara Karma’s “Happy Family” Reveals Our Potential to Adapt [Stream]

Sundara Karma’s “Happy Family”, off their latest album Youth is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect, is a glimpse into the meaning behind the album name. At the outset, ‘Happy Family’ could be interpreted as bleak. The song that voices our weakest, must vulnerable parts and comes to the realization that we’re always waiting for something better to come along, which ultimately means we may never be truly happy. But not all is lost – with a steady beat, and an anthemic alternative-rock vibe, Sundara Karma brings a sense of rebellion into the mix. Dive deeper into the lyrics and it becomes clear that the band’s reading of the past could also be read as a revolt against it. “Happy Family” twists apathy on its head, and instead becomes the catalyst that lights the fire under our own asses, making us ready, able, and willing to finally do something about our lives. It’s a hard line to walk, but Sundara Karma effortlessly captures our instinct to stay immobile and, at the same time, reveals our potential to adapt.

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