Sun Club Get Trolled In New Video For ‘Tropicoller Lease’ [Video]

Raucous and surreal, just like their bleached and brazen surf-punk, the new video for Baltimore quintet Sun Club’s newest single “Tropicoller Lease” is a lo-fi dose of late summer hijinks. With a VHS-esque quality that gives the whole thing a nostalgic feel, as though it was a barely-remembered TV movie you watched one late night when you were a kid, the video starts off weird and rapidly turns weirder. The song’s anthemic, uptempo quirk is bolstered by bucolically bizarre visuals — to say too much would be to spoil it, but look out for tossed sandwiches, off-tempo lip-syncing, and an epic battle between good and evil as represented by shaggy-haired musicians and troll dolls. Yes, troll dolls. Watch the video below, and check out Sun Club’s new tour dates here.

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