Summer Playlist Part Three: Beach Traffic Bangers

Yes, beach days are a fun and glorious part of summer — sand stuck everywhere aside. It’s getting to the beach that can be a real bummer, though. Whether you’re stuck in your rental car, stuffed next to randos on the Beach Bus or, god-forbid, slogging out to the Hamptons on the Jitney, may the summer sun gods be with you. For those of you braving a trip to your favorite beach soon, here are some choice songs to keep your spirits as high as those bridge tolls you just paid.

This is part three of our four part series.


1. Roosevelt – “Colours”
2. Beck – “WOW”
4. Body Language – “Just Let It”
5. Factory Floor – “Dial Me In”
6. Kaytranda – “Vivid Dreams”
7. Hall & Oates – “Out of Touch”
8. Boy – “Boyboy”
9. CC Dust – “Never Going To Die”
10. Annabel Jones – “IOU”

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