Summer Playlist Part One: Summer Lovin’ Had Me A…

Every year we always say “X was a great year for music.” But what if I were to tell you that 2016 has been a bummer year for music? Not a bummer that no good music has been released, but that a whole lot of good music this year has been about love lost and pain gained. So Danny and Sandys out there, I counter you with a list of great songs that focus more on the bit where the boy you thought was your summer squeeze, pretends not to know you at the bonfire party, or the roof party or whatever.

This is Part One of our four part playlist.


1. James Blake – “I Need A Forest Fire”
2. ANOHNI – “Execution”
3. Jessy Lanza – “Never Enough”
4. Kristin Kontrol – “(Don’t) Wannabe”
5. Colleen Green – “Cold Shoulder”
6. Tacocat – “Talk”
7. Bleached – “Wasted on You”
8. Kweku Collins – “Stupid Roses”
9. Thao and the Get Down, Stay Down – “Fool Forever”
10. Dawn Richard – “Wake Me Up”

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