Sui Zhen’s ‘Infinity Street’ Lets Us Into Her Surreal Fantasy World [Video]

Sui Zhen, the Melbourne-based visual artist and musician, recently released the video for her single “Infinity Street,” off of her brand new album, Secretly Susan. Directed by Zhen herself, the video is a surreal and colorful peek into the world of the album’s titutar character, Susan. Calm pastel textures of cloth and paper are juxtaposed with off-kilter images of food, flesh and egg-like objects. With its vividly tactile images, the video verges on an ASMR-like sensory experience, confusing and enthralling all at once. Zhen takes center stage in the frame as she carries eggs, eats brains and receives gifts from a plastic mannequin hand. Accompanied by the song, a minimalistic and effervescent slow jam that brings to mind Empress Of or Grimes’ earlier work, the video is a fascinating peek into the world of Zhen’s Susan, trapped in a shifting world of orange ocean waves and mysterious events.

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