A few months ago, I wrote about Streets of Laredo’s delightful single “Hey Rose,” and the song has barely left my head since. It’s with the sincerest pleasure that I now present to you yet another gem, a brand new video for the group’s second single, “Lonsdale Line.” The papercut style animation makes for a visually stunning work, alluding to the Americana romanticism of rolling hills and tall redwood trees that aptly match Streets of Laredo’s rugged folk sound. Narrating the travels of a long haired young man, “Lonsdale Line’s” plodding, marching band bass drums parallel the chugging of the train. The lyrics already provoke strong imagery, such as “the old man is driving, he’s driving red wood” in the darker, bluesy chorus, and later on a clear painting of Mexico through a travel postcard and an iguana in the desert.

The many expressive, singing faces throughout really capture the character of the song and its impetus to tell this sweet little tale. Beyond the images that correspond to lyrics, there are countless beautiful visual ornaments that display the incredible talents of the directors/animators Chris Tucci & Steven Mertens, my favorite of which being the zoomed in eye full of swimming words and shapes. “Lonsdale Line” comes from Streets of Laredo’s Volume I EP, one of their two EPs released late last year.

  • simplesimon

    Is that Ron driving red wood? love it!

  • abe raffills


  • Rach

    so damn good

  • lordhuron



    So good. Best animated video I’ve seen in a long time and awesome song!

  • New fan


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