Stream Shy Technology’s New EP ‘Where We Go From Here’ Before Release [Premiere]

As devoted nostalgia addicts, we basically couldn’t be happier that the indie sound of the 90s is coming back full force. Riding high on the trend of awesome guitar riffs and sincere lyrics is Shy Technology, who sound like the perfect mix between Spoon and Interpol. Their new EP, Where We Go From Here, combines the pop bonafides that come with catchy hooks and softly jangling guitars with the pop-punk vocals we’ve been missing. The tracks never overstay their welcome — all are lean, mean and laced with the midwestern rock aesthetic pioneered by Cursive.

Where We Go From Here isn’t throwback emo, though. Sky Technology make the kind of music that stands alone from an era — these are the personal thoughts and sounds from the despair of lead singer David Coulson after his mother’s cancer diagnosis. Like the most lasting music, the EP is personal and specific in a way that’s completely universal.

With five tracks that are all bangers, this band is making a serious case for being the go-to act when we need emotive guitar rock. Check out the EP above, and if you happen to be in Chicago Friday, catch the band at Lincoln hall!

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