Honey Wild – Magnifique Innocent

What’s a AA-Side, you ask? Basically, it’s two singles, or a double-sided hit packaged together, a concept that gained popularity in the 50’s and 60’s. This format choice comes as no surprise from Brooklyn-based Honey Wild, a band steeped in ‘60’s pop and other vintage influences. The AA-side’s digital release comes on the 18th (here’s a link to pre-order via iTunes), but you can hear one of the songs here first!

While the two songs form a double-sided hit, they’re far from twins. The first single, “Garden”, is a short, infinitely sweet roll in the hay, calling to mind The Drums and early Vampire Weekend (think “Mansard Roof” and “Walcott”). Organ, piquant guitar, and plenty of tom rolls strike a lovely balance with singer Joe Stevens’ on-point crooning. Hitting repeat comes naturally after such a breezy, ecstatic treat.  “Magnifique Innocent”, the older, slightly more serious song, is rooted more in a classic rock aesthetic. It’s slower and more of a jam piece than “Garden”, but it still shows off Honey Wild’s ear for interesting guitar tones. Furthermore, its bare-bones instrumentation and generous shredding highlights Honey Wild’s mastery of rock basics. “Magnifique Innocent” may not take root as immediately as “Garden”, but it’s worth the wait. Stream the track above to hear what we mean!

Brooklyn’s own Shorewave Records will be releasing the AA-side, and if you like what you hear (which you will), you can catch Honey Wild headlining the Mercury Lounge on November 25th. P.S. — we promise our praise and admiration has nothing to do with the similarity of their band name to our blog name.