Stream Dead Professional’s Classic Rock Inspired New EP a Week Before Release [Premiere]

While it may be fairly broad or obvious to say that an artist sounds like classic Tom Petty-esq rock of yore, when it’s true, it’s awesome. Dead Professional’s new EP Young Hardware takes a cue from those classic rock sounds, making for five completely enjoyable tracks. Starting off with banger “Downtown and Sundown”, a song that combines sweet hooks with sweeter clapping (and is guaranteed to get wedged in your skull), the EP takes off from there. Taking cues from Paul Simon for “You Heard What You Wanted” and Ryan Adams on “Call Me A Doctor” the whole EP is awash with references but still manages to rise above. Young Hardware is completely fun the whole way through, and sometimes that’s exactly what’s needed. Check out the EP above, and be sure to order your copy when it drops officially on 9/24.

  • LLH

    Dead Professional is great live and I am excited for the new EP!

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