Stream Austin Garage Pop Band Growl’s Album Won’t You Before Release [Premiere]

Nothing captures the energy and messiness of your 20s quite like some solid garage rock. Austin based Growl’s new album Won’t You is the perfect illustration, the album is the kind that could only be written in those moments before life starts getting really rough, but it’s on the horizon. The garage style of the band is honed in the 9 tracks of their debut album, with bursts of energy and lyrics that extol the everyday. The grungy guitar is cut by the melodics of lead singer Santiago Dietche, who’s smooth voice brings the pop sheen to the tracks that makes them so listenable.

Of the album Dietche says:

“We’ve been fiddling with the knobs for the last couple years, trying out a lot of different styles from our three EPS and a few singles. This full length marries our favorite sounds from that time with our most self-critical songwriting, featuring musings from relationship victories and missteps to satanism to modern brunch culture, all live to 1/4″ tape on and 8track at our producer Daniel’s house. What came out is a bunch of scribbled on snapshots of our coming of age as a band and we couldn’t be more excited to show off Won’t You.”

Check out Won’t You above and be sure to grab the record from Austin Town Hall Records on 4/7.

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