We couldn’t be happier to see one of our long-time favorite bands, ARMS, back in action. What started as a bedroom project for guitarist Todd Goldstein in 2009 grew tremendously in 2011 with the arrival of Summer Skills, the band’s spectacular full length. After two years, they’re finally back with EP2, showing off everything we loved so much about them in the first place.

As with Summer Skills, the true strength of the EP2 comes from the light, meandering touch of Goldstein’s casually arresting voice and flowing guitar lines. Goldstein says that he began writing EP2, “slowly and deliberately. We recorded the songs in the practice space, really quick and dirty.” That mentality really shows throughout these 5 tracks — they’re shambling, charming, catchy, well-structured pop with a garage feel. The inspiration of Nada Surf, Pavement and other greats of the 90s indie scene are readily apparent on every track, yet never overshadow the unmistakable sound of ARMS that we love so much.

Check out our exclusive stream of EP2 above and be sure to catch the video for “Comfort” coming soon. EP2 will be released September 10th and celebrated with a show at Mercury Lounge — see you all there!

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