Stray Echo’s New Single Stays Grounded [Stream]

Stray Echo – Ground (feat. Lolo)

Stray Echo, a multi-talented NYC producer and songwriter who took his name from a stray dog he adopted, is making a big impression with his first musical offering. “Ground”, which features a duet between the artist and rising singer Lolo, is a darkly catchy track that wraps a heavy rock groove in blissful electronic production. Lolo’s lyrics are gentle, coaxing her partner to “take a bite out of life,” and this simplicity keeps Stray Echo’s more evocative lyrics grounded in reality — “I am vampire, and I take away the pain,” he croons, placing the metaphor of a troubled relationship in the realm of the supernatural. The song dances through verses and spins around a chorus that can only be called “classic”. This is one of those special songs that would feel at home in both an indiehead’s vinyl crate and on rotation on pop radio.

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