Stone Cold Fox Had the Crowd Dancing at Rough Trade [Photos]

Photos by Joseph Mikos

Hey Anna started off my night at Rough Trade with their upbeat tunes, strong melodies and high energy. With three different beautiful female voices to lead different songs, guitarist Jamie DiTringo rocking his ass off, and drummer Matthew Langner following suit, my ears and eyes stayed stimulated. Stone Cold Fox rocked out as every headliner should. I came into this show having only heard one or two songs by the band a few days before. I dug their Strokes-like sound, though, and they sounded even better live. These guys were all over the stage rocking out with each other, completely feeling the music and having total fun with it. I turned around for a few times to see the crowd doing just the same — everyone’s feet were moving with smiles on their faces, singing along to the words being belted out by lead singer Kevin Olken Henthorn. This 5-piece band had the crowd engaged and rocking all night long.

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