Stone Cold Fox Are Back with ‘Contagion’ [Stream]

Much like the beam of light in single’s cover art, “Contagion”, the newest track from Stone Cold Fox, begins in a fairly straightforward way, with synth lines resting underneath “Where’d you come from / where’d you come from / where’d you go.” The sonic pallet expands and builds quickly, though, with the addition of striking percussion and dirtier guitar — the music seems to naturally spread like light hitting a reflective surface. This is particularly true for the interlude after the first chorus, a harmonized break that slows down the pace but builds the intensity, and the perfectly fuzzed out conclusion. Check out the track above, catch the band at The Beehive CMJ and read below for more on how the song came about!

“Contagion” is a song born out of the frustrations of conformity and trends that every musician has to struggle with and recognize. The song is a culmination of a two year journey to find our own musical identity that we can feel comfortable being in, like figuring out your first not awkward haircut. Musically we wanted to use familiar sounds and elements but arranged in an unfamiliar way, incorporating both the danceability of electronic music and the energy of rock and roll.