Spring Playlist Part 1: That Groundhog is a Dirty Liar

The groundhog may have said early spring, but this weather didn’t seem to get the message. One day it’s 60º out, and the next there’s frost on my stoop. Until the temperature can get itself into sync, here is a playlist to indulge both the burgeoning spring and the days where snuggling on the couch is still your only option.

This is part one of our four part playlist.


1. Animal Collective – “FloriDada”
2. Thao and the Get Down Stay Down – “Departure”
3. U.S. Girls – “Window Shades”
4. Shopping – “Why Wait”
5. Ought – “Today More Than Any Other Day”
6. Julio Bashmore – “Holding On”
7. Jeffrey Lewis – “Back To Manhattan”
8. Jawbreaker Reunion – “Scare You Off”
9. Lisa Prank – “Starting Again”
10. Alex G – “Kicker”

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