Speedy Ortiz’s EP Gives Us a New Gem, ‘Emma O.’ [Stream]

On Friday, Speedy Ortiz released a new EP, Foiled Again, via Carpark Records, which features two songs that didn’t make their latest album, Foil Deer, and two remixed renditions of their previously released song, “Puffer.” Thanks to this addendum, Speedy has graced us with “Emma O.,” a track that, though left out of Foil Deer, is too good not to be heard.

The track begins with a simple bass line layered with Sadie Dupuis’ crystal clear, rolling voice, providing a moment of stillness before multiple guitar lines and drums sonically appear, adding greater dimension to the quiet, downbeat track. Speedy Ortiz’s signature style of embracing the tensions between instruments is evident here, as dissonant guitar lines merge and separate in an instrumental interlude between the second and third verse, creating beautifully organized chaos. “Emma O.,” a reflective and truthful track about the falling apart of a relationship, stands as a perfect example of Speedy’s experimentation with opposing sounds, while still maintaining a cohesive tone. As always, Dupuis’ vocals create a grounding force that floats just above the instrumental chaos, guiding the elements through a painful story of miscommunication while communicating it to listeners perfectly.

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