Songs That Inspired Bleached’s ‘Can You Deal’ EP

Bleached is easily one of our favorite punk bands, so when we got the opportunity to ask them about some of the tracks that inspired their newest EP, Can You Deal? we had a minor freak out. The EP and the accompanying and extremely badass zine of the same name, take on the gender disparities in music, the frustration of being labeled a “girl band” and having the band being completely defined by their gender. While we don’t get into the gendered press and political and social inspirations below, both Jennifer and Jessica go into depth on the tracks that helped inspire the sonic elements of the EP – from GG Allin to Fleetwood Mac. It’s an incredible playlist and even better, an incredible insight into one of our favorite band’s creative process.

Check out the full playlist below and be sure to take a look at the amazing Can You Deal? zine, all proceeds from it go to support Planned Parenthood. Those of you heading to Austin will be able to catch the band at:

Wed. Mar. 15 – Austin, TX @ Lagunitas Bugout (Scoot Inn)

Wed. Mar. 15 – Austin, TX @ Showtime House (Clive Bar)

Thu. Mar. 16 – Austin, TX @ House of Vans (Mohawk)

Thu. Mar. 16 – Austin, TX @ Stubhub (Bangers)


1. Wreckless Eric – Whole Wide World  

This songs is so timeless. It comes and goes in and out of my life but every time I hear it again it never feels old. My favorite thing is his vocals. They are so raw and bratty and he owns them with confidence and individuality. My second favorite part is when the music comes in at full volume, it’s so powerful but still fun. Definitely a song to listen to when recording. – Jennifer Clavin

2. Hole – Jennifer’s Body

This song was a big inspiration for “Dear Trouble” because of one word and that is “Jennifer”. So yeah that’s my name and there was question as to wether I should sing a line to myself even though that could come off a little strange. But I love this song so much that it sold me on the idea.  – Jennifer Clavin

3. GG Allin – Don’t Talk To Me

From GG Allin’s first record comes this awesome poppy punk gem. When Jess first played the riff for “Can You Deal” not knowing we would even turn it into a song I got on the drums and tried imitating this style. The song ended up taking a turn the more we played it but we could say this was a skeleton inspiration.  – Jennifer Clavin

4. Wheatus – Teenage Dirtbag 

This song was a huge inspiration for Can You Deal. I was listening to it one day and thought “I want to write a song like this”. The way it flows during the verses but still unique sounding with a little bit of funkiness and then slaps you in the face for the chorus. Plus all the lyrics are sick, you kinda feel like you’re in a teen movie.  – Jennifer Clavin

5. Fleetwood Mac – Silver Springs 

This is one of the best but semi unnoticed Fleetwood Mac songs ever written. I love how the first chorus only plays halfway through until it goes back to the verse but you want more. The second time it comes in it gives you the whole chorus and it’s so fulfilling. For Can You Deal? we were able to do that. It’s the perfect way to build up a song and keep it interesting.  – Jessie Clavin

6. David Bowie – Width of a Circle

There’s always a Bowie song on repeat in my personal playlist while writing or recording. I was inspired by this song for Can You Deal? because of all its flavors with a mix that gives every instrument some time to shine.  – Jessie Clavin

7. Smashing Pumpkins – Thru the Eyes of Ruby

I love the way the guitar screams on this song. All the dynamics in tone and placement of the guitar, narrates a journey. I wanted something like that in Can you Deal?. Take you on a ride.  – Jessie Clavin

8. The Silver Seas –  Catch Yer Own Train

This song personally helped me get through a difficult moment of mine. While putting out Can You Deal?, I was having to depart ways with something, but also keep moving forward, keep writing. – Jessie Clavin

9. The Breeders – Cannonball

I remember while we were writing Can You Deal?, this song was for sure thrown out there. Having a catchy solid bass playing while the other instruments seem to be trying to find there place, so when everything  finally comes together it’s like fireworks!  – Jessie Clavin

10. Blur – Song 2

This song came on the radio one day before we started writing Can You Deal?, and we remembered how it came out during a big influential time of our lives, being in junior high picking up an instrument for the first time and how the simplicity of a riff can go so far with the little extra toppings you add. I went back to my youth, put aside insecurities and just played… Soon after we wrote the title track.  – Jessie Clavin

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