Songs for Your Year Round Adventures

There’s always been a special place in my heart (potentially my thematic favorite) for music that seamlessly moves you through adventures – and thus, music that is then eternally associated with nostalgia of past adventures. So what if a soundtrack existed fit for any season while still emitting the essence and warmth of young shenanigans and mischief? Complied is a playlist made for year-round adventuring.


1. Rad Pitt – Egyptian Hip Hop 

2. Party Talk – Craft Spells 

3. Adult Diversion – Alvvays 

Egyptian Hip Hop, Craft Spells and Alvvays reap ethereal guitar riffs hooked throughout the entirety of each song, thus crafting tracks that will give goosebumps when timed to midnight adventures. As the head of this playlist, these tracks mark late night drives on chilling nights when car windows are meant to be sealed tight with heaters blaring. The guitar riffs alone make open windows in polar temperatures worth it, just to feel cold air whipping into nodding heads when spacey guitar riffs cycle back.

4. Backseat Kissers – Only Real 

5. Get It On – Only Real 

Only Real’s tunes showcase cheeky hip-hop and pastel grunge that twist psychedelic rap with a beachy, shoulder-shrugging attitude. Tracks “Backseat Kissers” and “Get It On” are riddled with warm, reverb-heavy guitar riffs and flawlessly flowing, accent-thick rapping primed for framing foolery in ways that won’t just drag you back into that youthful era, but will make you crave that feeling all over again. 

6. Landline – Oberhofer 

7. The Suburbs – Arcade Fire 

8. The Righteous One – The Orwells 

9. If You Wanna – The Vaccines 

Oberhofer, Arcade Fire, The Orwells and The Vaccines are loud and memorable. This threesome feeds heedless antics and careless rebellion in snow or sun. 

10. Stay Close – Delorean 

11. Ways – LOUDS 

Delorean and LOUDS are dependable in the sense that their instrumentally diverse and upbeat rhythms are equally matched by hauntingly bright and echoed vocals that will animate any voyage. 

12. The Balance – Royal Tongues 

13. Beach – Will Joseph Cook 

14. Needle – Born Ruffians 

15. Pins and Stitches – Modern Rivals 

Royal Tongues, Will Joseph Cook, Born Ruffians and Modern Rivals hold their weight in adventure enhancement via choruses. Verses build into infectious choruses that sheen with thrill and bliss. These tracks have choruses made for edging up the volume knob half a second before each verse ends and each chorus bursts.

16. Du Og Meg – Of Montreal 

17. Thunder Clatter – Wild Cub 

18. Black Lemon – Generationals 

Generationals, Of Montreal, and Wild Cub scream dizzy, untroubled indie-pop certain to resonate well-after each track comes to a close. Bubbly vocals and contagiously harmonized melodies mark themselves unforgettable and thus hold a spot in a playlist of tracks selected to truly maximize year-round adventuring.  

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