Songs Darwin Deez Dances to On Stage [Stream]

If you haven’t had the privilege of seeing Darwin Deez live, I highly recommend changing that. The band gives a completely electric performance, featuring coordinated dance moves and an immense amount of energy. To help paint a picture of what this might look like, the band put together an amazing playlist of songs they’ve gotten down to on stage. This might be your perfect opportunity to choreograph some of your own moves. Note: Instead of the actual Prince song, we added a gif of him being sad — because it’s sad when you want to stream Prince, then realize you CAN’T.

Songs Darwin Deez Dances to On Stage | Listen for free at

These are songs used at one time or another in the mash ups to which my band dances in between performing original songs.

1. Laura Branigan – Hot Night

Long time show intro that I edited to lengthen that nasty solo synth bass. Love the over the top 80s dual harmony guitar solo as well. Only recently discovered that this was a Laura Branigan song. The Ghostbusters cassette that I knew it from as a child did not list the artists.

2. The Thompson Twins – In the Name of Love

(Yea-ah.) Always hated this song, also from the Ghostbusters soundtrack, especially the random ethnic drum solo in an otherwise extremely white sounding song. Just so 80’s that you have to respect it. That verse groove is tight as fuck though with the syncopated reverb slap.

3. Willow Smith – Whip My Hair

It’s just funny when 10 year olds have singles. I liked her approach and the breakdown happened to be dope.

4. Dynasty – Adventures in the Land of Music

Or as you know it, that song Camp Lo sampled. Anything with syncopated stabs I can dance to. We do sort of flag-waving/semaphore movements to the horn stabs.

5. Earth Wind and Fire – Can’t Hide Love

Still can’t explain what is going on harmonically with those horns, but I love the syncopation. The guy can really sing, yet I don’t know his name nor can I picture his face. I think there are a lot more good songs by this band that I have yet to dig into.

6. Britney Spears – Piece of Me

One of the first songs we danced to on stage. We used to close the set with it. Jacob Ciocci (Extreme Animals/Paperrad) who inspired this whole dancing thing has always enjoyed Britney’s productions.

7. Janet – Feedback

We used to do a tight little show ending dance to this sick beat. I feel it was somewhat overlooked as a song. The dance we did was whatever. Michelle’s (bass) partner is now a real live back-up dancer for Janet Jackson though!

8. Prince – Tambourine


What a weirdo. Why is he like this? Why do people like it so much? This is the wackiest song of his that I know. Had to use it for those wild vocal moments in the middle.

9. Lightning Bolt – 13 Monsters

Distorted arpeggios do sound like lightning bolts, don’t they? We moshed to this one, obviously. And then we cut into soft rock synth solos from Toto IV. and then back to noise rock mosh. Still the best Lightning Bolt song, right?

10. Mike Posner – Please Don’t Go

Once again a case of a sick breakdown that had to be repped. Nice bleepy nintendo-y synths over half-time dubstep drums. I liked it. Found this song from Mishay Petronelli, who dances in the video for DNA.

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