Soccer Mommy’s ‘3AM At A Party’ Is the Anthem for Unrequited Crushes [Stream]

Sophie Allison, under the moniker of Soccer Mommy, has released her third album, for young hearts, this past week via beloved bedroom pop label Orchid Tapes. The eight tracks are warm and distorted featuring lyrics rife with the general trials and tribulations of love — from the blossoming of a crush to the final goodbye.

“3AM At A Party” is the third track on the album, and in my opinion, the biggest standout. Allison’s voice is full, constant and slightly forlorn as she sings of a crush, the perfect conduit through which a classic party narrative is delivered: “I wish we had chances to talk like this / a little more often / but you were always dealing with your girlfriend’s shit / and I was always feeling broken over it.” The tinny, repetitive guitar line elevates Allison’s musings from the validated thoughts of a young woman writing in her journal to an anthem for those who have endured wanting someone you couldn’t have.

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