Smokey Brights’ ‘Catacomb’ Video is Complex and Weaving [Premiere]

Smokey Brights have established themselves in the Seattle scene as the go-to for dark, nostalgic rock. It’s easy to see why on “Catacomb”, a weaving track that builds slowly, adding on twanging guitar and moody harmonies as it rolls along. The music manages to be both melancholic and warm, a feat that’s rare indeed.

The video for the song keeps with the dark, brooding feel of the music, cutting between footage of the band and the now familiar scenes of a city undergoing rapid transformation. Ryan Devlin from the band says:

Past the cyclone fencing and yellow tape lie city blocks filled with holes and machinery, spaces we’re asked to ignore until their transitions are complete.  Yet when those holes fill so much of one’s environment, ignoring them is no longer an option. By casting a lens on these alien spaces the viewer is confronted with the psychic as well as the aesthetic effects of the “new” Seattle.

I don’t want to say that a changing city is overtly “bad” – we want to bring the viewer up close to the transitional spaces so they can make their own judgements.”

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