Small Black Move to a New Stage with ‘Back at Belle’s’ [Stream]

Small Black – Back At Belle’s

Small Black write songs that are effortlessly likeable. As a fan since their self titled EP, I was very excited when new material was released in advance of their upcoming third LP Best Blues. The new single, “Back At Belle’s” follows already strong releases “Boys Life” and “No One Wants It To Happen To You” making the anticipation for album release day (October 16) grow and grow.

The bass and drums take center stage here, and the tone is more serious and less wispy. “Back At Belle’s” is a wall of sound, with Josh Kolenik’s vocals melding into the music to create something massive, yet not intimidating at all. The culmination at the end is not showy grandeur, but a genuine, intense end to a song with a good amount of power. Plus, it has a crescendo so satisfying it even incorporates laser sounds. Small Black have put out something undeniably interesting and have only make me more stoked for the rest of the album.