Slutface Brings Fierceness to Power Pop on ‘Shave My Head’ [Video]

I wish I had more to tell you about Norwegian band Slutface, I really do, but unfortunately most of the information about them on the internet is in Norwegian, which I do not speak. So you’ll just have to trust their super fun songs blindly.

Slutface a 4-piece formed 3 years ago somewhere in Scandinavia have kind of picked up where Be Your Own Pet left off. Their two new songs on their soundcloud page “Shave My Head” and “Get My Own” have a similar energy and irreverence, but the chutzpah of an outfit that is going places. For those unfamiliar with Yiddish I am trying to channel lead singer’s Haley Shea’s unique brand of pop-rock songs which are staunchly feminist, in a genre that has had some trouble with the whole gender equality thing in the past.

To keep it simple though, Slutface makes music that is fun to jump around to, has hella catchy melodies and makes a point that is very worth hearing. And they embrace that with their great name. Which I am glad they translated because Slutface in Norweigan its ludder ansikt, which just isn’t as fun to say.

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