Slow Dakota Releases New Track, Plans His ‘Ascension’ [STREAM]

Slow Dakota- The Lilac Bush

If you’re unfamiliar with the work of Slow Dakota, let me catch you up to speed. (Note: If you like Sufjan Stevens, do read on. If you LOVE Sufjan Stevens, skip this and just hit play.) Slow Dakota crafts weird, experimental, beautiful baroque pop that tells very insightful, personal stories sometimes via metaphors. His concept albums are experiences with definite demarcation, so for best results they should be absorbed from beginning to end. Infused with matters of faith and humanity and the intersection of the two, there’s often a philosophical bent that surfaces, a lesson in morality that Slow Dakota clearly reveres and interprets as sacred.

Releasing his first LP in the winter of 2012, Slow Dakota has since produced another full length and several EPs and has just announced a brand new full length for 2016 entitled The Ascension of Slow Dakota. Judging by its lead single (“The Lilac Bush”) and title, my bets are on it being his most ambitious and well-produced yet. Take a listen to the first track above in which he tells of an attempted suicide impeded by divine intervention. As anticipated, “The Lilac Bush” is intricate, intentionally paced, and just signature Slow Dakota. The Ascension of Slow Dakota is due out in late spring of 2016 via Massif Records, but you can download the track above for free right now here.

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