Slotface Explode with Grungy Exuberance on ‘Empire Records’ [Stream]

Remember the nineties? The plaid shirts, the ripped denim, the pogs, the Olsen twins. It all seems so far away at this point. Well, if Emily Haines had been born a few years earlier and became involved with the Riot Grrrl scene, Sløtface (formerly named Slutface) might have been the result. Their single “Empire Records” explodes out of the gate, hearkening back to grunge, but with the pristine exuberance of ultra-compressed guitars and Haley Shea’s delightful vocals.

Shea reminisces on late Saturday nights, playing bass, and waking late in the morning, hungover. Music saves her, as she always manages to find her way to her favorite rundown record store, Empire Records, immortalized by the nineties movie of the same name. This is the sunniest of feel-good pop punk, like a brighter Veruca Salt or No Doubt with more guitars — and there’s nothing wrong with that. Enjoy “Empire Records” with a blue raspberry Ring Pop.