Slip Into a Dreamy Wonderland with Tiny Fireflies’ new Track ‘Taken’ [Premiere]

Previously known as Fireflies and Tiny Microphones, Chicagoans Lisle and Kristine (respectively) combined their talents to create an elegant and dreamy sound with Tiny Fireflies. Their first collaboration won them fan-favorite awards and led to their 3-song single, Snow. They then went on to tour Europe and the Midwest in support of their first EP, Change, in 2011 — which sold out in 2 weeks. Since their last single in 2012, these two have been busy working on their first full-length album, due out on November 11. The Space Between offers electro-pop lovers 9 tracks of fresh tunes and chill melodies. Today we’re so excited to premiere the first released track, “Taken”. Listen above and get ready for the release next month.

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