Ski Lodge Bring a Groovy Snyth Hook with New Track ‘Crush Your Heart’ [Stream]

Big news! The boys in Ski Lodge bought a synthesizer. The new song “Crush Your Heart”, off their upcoming release, New Life (out on Old Flame Records on February 26th) has the bouncy guitar hooks that the band is so very good at plus a groovy synth hook. Spoiling this listener for sure.

This new wave-esque departure for Ski Lodge is purportedly about being afraid of dying alone, but it’s so catchy that it’s hard to feel sad when listening to it. I give frontman Andrew Marr major kudos for pulling a fast one on his listeners. Make it dark and meaningful, but coat it in some pop hooks and it’ll get major play time. If “Crush Your Heart” is any indication of whats to come on the new album, then what a wonderful synth trip to pop gem town it will be.

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