Simon Doom is Morose Yet Saccharine on ‘I Feel Unloved’ [Stream]

With an unrelenting New Wave eighth-note bass line and Simon Doom’s Phoenix-evoking vocal delivery, “I Feel Unloved” sets itself up as a familiar tale of loathing — but flips it. What follows is decidedly tongue-in-cheek, from the female vocals whose only role is cooing the song’s title, to the bubbling synths that emerge in the middle, to the satirical, self-deprecating lyrics throughout, to the song’s ridiculously elongated cadence, it’s clear it doesn’t take itself too seriously. I mean, look at the cover, a mashup of Amex Gold and Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid.” This track is still far from pure bubblegum, the sensibilities closer to less noisy tracks from The Jesus and Mary Chain. The song sounds like a dare of sorts to see if Doom (real name Simon O’Connor) could compose a song equal parts morose and saccharine, and still make it work. That he does.

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