Shy Girls Unveils Another New Track, ‘Say You Will’ [Stream]

This week, Shy Girls continued the gradual release of his upcoming album, Salt, with a mournful but fast-moving track called “Say You Will.” Shy Girls (who is, contrary to his stage name, a singular man from Portland named Dan Vidmar) has been steadily releasing tracks from the album for months, including “Why I Love” and “Trivial Motion.” The album is lyrically introspective, with titles like “I Am Only a Man” and “You Like the Pain Too,” and so far the music has been stripped down, quietly pulsing behind Vidmar’s falsetto vocals. “Say You Will” employs folksy strums evocative of The xx and moves quickly through its somber lyrics and palpitating bass.

Vidmar teamed up with other big alt R&B names on his 2015 mixtape 4WZ, including Tei Shi and Rome Furtone. Here, though, he goes solo — the album is self-produced and Vidmar played most of the album’s instruments himself. Salt is set to be released in full on January 20th.