Shannen Moser Charms Instantly with Oh, My Heart [Stream]

Shannen Moser’s music feels like a genuine version of home with well-worn edges and sunlight peeking through the windows. The Philadelphia songwriter makes a swelling blend of folk, country, and pop with an emotional urgency that reflects the heartfelt DIY scene of the city. Her latest album, Oh, My Heart, is a treasure trove of confessions swaddled in twinkling accouterments. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Eric Muth, the collection of songs matches all of its bright and endearing qualities with biting lyrics and yearning vocals.

Oh, My Heart finds Moser earnestly seeking solace, answers, and resolutions to the pains of youth and love. Her heartache rises and falls within her short but poignant tracks like an all-knowing sigh of understanding. It’s easy to wrap your ears around the pleading chorus of “Alex (282)” and the familiar mantra of the chorus in “Grower.” Subtle layers of vocal support echo wistfully around the melody and playful, plunking keys on the radiating “Yr Undertaker.” Closing the album with a sense of hope, “Dirt and Water” dips and dives through a staggering arrangement that ultimately grows to an expansive and glorious repetition of “Dirt and water make this grow. You deserve so much you know.”

By processing complex emotions with simple imagery and modest instrumentation, Oh, My Heart serves as the perfect lo-fi, how-to guide for getting through life’s uncertainties. Moser shows that blood still pumps through a broken heart and how beautiful that can be. If you’re as quickly charmed by Shannen Moser as we were, we’d highly recommend also checking out her 2015 album you shouldn’t be doing that.

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