Savoy Motel ‘Sorry People’ is New Wave Magic [Stream]

2016 has proved to be a baby-bangs, slow-pop minimalist of a year. Between the Britney ballads and surprise Carly Rae Jepsen EPs, we have shied away from up-tempo tropical house, surrendering instead to a synth-heavy 80s nostalgia. You will, however, find it refreshing to learn that our generational longing for the Roland Jupiter-8 past hasn’t exhausted artistic tendency just yet. “Sorry People,” the third single off Nashville-based Savoy Motel’s forthcoming S/T debut, infuses elements of punk and disco to create a sound you can only dub proto-vengeful new wave. While not completely ingenuous—with playground-chant vocals in the style of Tom Tom Heads’ Tina Weymouth and a rhythm section reminiscent of Ian Dury and The Blockheads’ “Reasons To Be Cheerful Pt. 3”— Savoy Motel lay out a crisp track that may very well serve as summer’s last boogie. You can stream the hilariously cavalier “Sorry People” above.

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