Savages Brought Electric Energy to Irving Plaza [Photos]

Photos by Gina Garcia

This week, Savages sold out their show at Irving Plaza with the support of Angus Tarnawsky. Everything about the performance was perfect, and they absolutely killed it with their electric energy, constant interaction with the fans and fantastic stage lighting. The band went straight through their ambitious records for a full hour and fifteen minutes — they’re truly larger-than-life.

Savages’ set was definitively the best I’ve seen so far this year. From the moment the clear white strobe lights and the electrifying guitars start, you know it is going to rock. Fans start to holler and cheer, and the anticipation is ceaseless, never missing a beat as the guitars resonate throughout venue. Savages’ richly dark, yet euphoric vibe is pervasive to be sure.

Angus Tarnawsky
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