San Cisco’s ‘SloMo’ will Lure You In [Stream]

Amidst the tensions of election season, Australia’s San Cisco reminds us that happiness can still be found in the small things. According to lead singer, Jordi Davieson, “SloMo was the first song [the band wrote] after Gracetown. [They] wanted to create a song that made people want to move.” An upbeat number with groovy guitar riffs and keyboard accompaniment, “SloMo” experiments with contrasting jazz-funk notes and the band’s familiar beachy, indie sound. With it’s seductive, energetic beat luring you to move your feet, “SloMo” is the perfect pick me up for any occasion.

San Cisco’s third album is scheduled for release in early 2017, but for now, let’s get up and dance to “SloMo!”

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