San Cisco Share Effortlessly Cool Video for ‘Hey, Did I Do You Wrong?’ [Video]

Dive into warmer weather with San Cisco’s latest music video for “Hey, Did I Do You Wrong?” From salt water to sunscreen, the video embodies doing what you love with the people who make you happy. Through all of the fun and effortlessly cool vibes, San Cisco prove once again that they’re the band of friends you wished you had.

Though the sound of the band’s latest track conjures up images of warmth and happiness, the lyrics themselves are rather nostalgic. Describing a pair of individuals who have over time drifted apart, frontman, Jordi Davieson sings, “Are you losing touch with who you used to be, or do you need someone in your life who I can’t be?” This contrast of an upbeat rhythm and vulnerable, bittersweet lyrics creates an undeniably beautiful song. Catch “Hey, Did I Do You Wrong?” on San Cisco’s latest album, “The Water.” This anticipated album release and the warmer weather reminds us that summer is just around the corner.

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