Sample Chrome Pony’s Rock Mishmash With ‘Ragged Child’ [Stream]

I am many things, but a badass is not one of them. Never have been, never will be — although I reserve hope for my retirement years when I’ll have a lot more free time for those kinds of things. Every once in a while, though, a song comes along that makes me feel badass. Chrome Pony’s “Ragged Child” is one such track with its sorcerous rock and roll vibes spilling out all over the place. The Nashville-based four piece is two parts brothers born on the same date two years apart which they claim as their “magic thread, strung between them, allowing them to unleash overwhelming volleys of sonic power and control with spine-tingling precision.” Their mishmash of rock styles from classic to garage embedded with heavy melody give way to an irresistible sound that just feels really good on your psyche. “Ragged Child” is taken from Chrome Pony’s new EP, Past Lives, out now. Give it a taste above.

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