Samantha Crain Shows Stunning Range on ‘Oh Dear Louis’ [Video]

Samantha Crain isn’t just a Midwestern folk singer anymore. Crain’s music has always reflected her Oklahoma roots, but her newest release, You Had Me at Goodbye, shows the artist embracing a new stylistic direction while retaining her awareness of home. Written between shifts at a pizzeria, You Had Me at Goodbye is an experimental leap into Crain’s new, genre-bending sound, and “Oh Dear Louis” is a perfect sampling of how, five albums in, the self-described “old soul” is ready to have some fun.

Complete with a psychedelic murder mystery-esque video and sweeping orchestral arrangements, the track takes Crain’s signature smooth vocals and literary lyricism to a whole new level. “Oh dear Louis / I wasn’t too far to hear you cry,” she sings with a lighthearted air of assurance. The track, which she describes to Lenny as a “dark but catchy pop song,” shows Crain’s eagerness to explore a new sound while having fun and telling a story at the same time. She’s been making music for more than a decade, but somehow it seems like Samantha Crain is just getting started. You Had Me at Goodbye is out now.

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