Saintseneca Skates To Safety In ‘River’ [Video]

Ohio five-piece Saintseneca have shared the adventure-infused new music video for their single “River,” and it’s a gorgeously lo-fi piece of skate art. Directed by the Vancouver video/bike/skate collective Venga Bros., the visuals for “River” feature people from all walks of life experimenting and exploring their surroundings through diverse and entertaining experimentation. There’s a bike that turns into a ramp, combination skateboard/gardens, and a ton of people having the time of their lives. The carefree atmosphere of the video perfectly harmonizes with the tune’s upbeat, folk-rock harmonies. “Along your river, will there be enough grace to outweigh the gray?” the lyrics ask, and the high-flying jumps and lake splashes of the video’s characters respond in the affirmative.

Thanks Squarespace!