Ryn Weaver Shook the Floors at Bowery Ballroom [Photos]

Photos by Julia Drummond

Maybe it’s the bands I’m seeing, maybe the crowds or the venues — whatever the reason, Ryn Weaver’s performance at Bowery Ballroom last week felt like watching a crowd come to life for the first time in a long time. From those standing in front to the usually unenthused back, everyone danced, sang along and seemed to know every song she performed, from her EPs to her recent full-length, The Fool.

This was nothing, though, compared to the frenetic energy that she put forth from the stage. Belting and emoting every word and dancing each step of the way, she gave every ounce of herself to the music (including a few endearingly syncopated dance moves). There was just one disappointment, and it had nothing to do with her: while the high-energy pop anthems were well-received by the enthusiastic crowd, I would have appreciated a small amount of quiet as she talked about writing “Travelling Song” — one she penned for her grandfather after he passed away early this year. I know the party is fun, but c’mon people…attention spans.

After performing almost her entire catalogue, she closed the set with “New Constellations”, which she claimed to be her favorite from the album. Following that anthemic high, the crowd slowly filtered out, many proving their dedication by waiting outside for over an hour afterwards. It was heartening to walk back by the venue some time later and see her stopping for photos with those who had stayed behind. Suffice it to say, I highly recommend catching her the next show.

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