Rubblebucket Bring Levity to ‘If U C My Enemies’ [Stream]

December 19, 2016 Comments Off on Rubblebucket Bring Levity to ‘If U C My Enemies’ [Stream]

Quirky Brooklynites Rubblebucket return with a sense of levity on “If U C My Enemies.” The upbeat number is filled with surprises, from the initial ambient calm disrupted by the blat of brass, to vocalist Kalmia Traver’s walkie-talkie filtered vocals, to the rising, catchy tune that follows through the bridge and into the chorus, complete with hand claps.

The song’s single-letter titling invokes a catty high school spat. The lyrics, “If you see my enemies / tell ’em I stand corrected / tell ’em I want to be friends again,” advertises a space of admitting we’re wrong – and for once, owning up to it. This is part of Rubblebucket’s fun, flamboyant sound, a band responsible for song titles like “Came Out of a Lady” and “Sound of Erasing,” proving that they don’t take themselves too seriously.

And why should they? Rubblebucket’s eclectic lineup is always welcome within the endless crowd of three and four-piece indie bands. Their past work has always included brass and danceable arrangements, and “Enemies” portends a entertaining release from a band fresh off last year’s release. No doubt Rubblebucket unleashes their full power live, and for all you east coast kids they’re playing shows through January.

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