Rubblebucket are ‘Not Cut Out For This’ on Newest Track [Stream]

Rubblebucket has returned with “Not Cut Out For This,” another eclectic installment coming on the heels of “If U C My Enemies.” The new single is no rehash, instead showcasing the band’s full breadth of talent. Utilizing cold synthesizer pads à la Chromatics or Robyn, “Not Cut Out For This” is an introspective, pained commentary on relationships. The understated song resists becoming a shoegaze or synthwave stereotype, and most importantly, the blaring brass from “If U C My Enemies” gets out of the way of Traver’s lamenting. She’d rather utter lines like “I’ve got no heart / I’ve got no soul,” than the “This” of the title (love). An acoustic guitar tries to cheer her up during the bridge, but it feels sapped for energy, catching us in the song’s wincing centrifuge.

Brass bookends the song. With such a sorrowful track, their presence could function as a dirge by way of New Orleans funeral processions — or worse, outright out of place. But their bright, sharp major-key timbres provide cheer, reminding us that there is life outside of Planet Relationship. There are friends and the whole world out there, after all.

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