Ross Henry Undulating Track ‘Flux’ Hits All The Right Notes [Premiere]

Australia based musician Ross Henry’s brand of electro is as subtle as it is heavy hitting. He forgoes the emotional manipulation of drops and huge crescendos in favor of slight but syncopated beats and light vocals. His newest track “Flux” is at times sparse, with just the thumping beats and laser like synths, but it still swells into a cathartic finish. The track shifts constantly, effortlessly playing with expectations and creating a satisfying ride. Of the track, Henry says:

I’m interested in safe spaces. What cultivates them? Why and how do they move? What goes into dissolving or sustaining a cultural and physical sanctuary? As the first of a series, Flux looks at the idea of the whole planet as a safe space. I aimed to create a journey exploring the unstable, fickle nature of an ever morphing world. There’s a volatile vulnerability to it. Times and areas of fluidity start to freeze, dry up and set hard as stone. Simultaneously a new state of transience is born challenging or solidifying the earth’s status as a safe space.

Check out “Flux” above.

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