Rosie Tucker Soulfully Soothes with ‘Beautiful Machine’ [Stream]

Rosie Tucker – Beautiful Machine

LA singer-songwriter Rosie Tucker has the kind of voice you don’t forget. Her twangy lilt and her music as a whole fall somewhere between modern folk artists Kimya Dawson and First Aid Kit and retain their combined hallmarks: simplicity, intimacy and quiet charm. Her debut album Lowlight is filled with the sounds of love and life colliding with an acoustic guitar, none of which showcase her talents more gracefully than “Beautiful Machine”. The song weaves a mechanical metaphor for love gone wrong into a melancholy melody resting on a gently plucked series of riffs. It’s intriguing on first listen as Tucker’s lyrics unfold into dark shadows. Every repetition reveals a more delicate picture of heartbreak that creates an irresistible, empathetic desire to howl along. Sink into the rest of Lowlight on Tucker’s Soundcloud.

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