If you’ve ever felt the stress and depressing reality of being a teen in the suburbs, then you’ll be able to relate to bitter’s kiss and her melancholic single “The Rope”. Hailing from the ‘burbs of New Jersey, singer/songwriter Chloe Baker uses music and songwriting as her diary as well as to showcase her talented vocals. For instance, “The Rope” is a chronicle of her thoughts and feelings surrounding the suicide of a distant cousin that came from a religious background. In the video, we follow a young girl beginning to find herself in the adult world, met with the protective father that many of us may know very well as he tries to hold onto his little girl. Torn between being a kid and starting to grow up, the video is a stark reminder of the overwhelming days of puberty. Baker croons alongside fluttering guitar chords and a slow drumbeat, grabbing our attention as well as our hearts. Her introspection throughout the track is astounding and will have you channeling some angsty teen moments of your own. Baker’s music is a beacon of hope amid a sea of depressing realities, and we’re eagerly awaiting more from this inspiring young musician.

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