Radical Face’s Dense, Winding Track ‘The Road to Nowhere’ is a Wonder [Premiere]

With winding violins and a twisting melody, Radical Face’s “The Road to Nowhere” is instantly captivating. It’s a layered, dark fairy tale – with pianos weaving in and out of lyrics that unravel slowly and poetically. It comes as no surprise that the Jacksonville, FL based multi-instrumentalist Ben Cooper had always wanted to write a novel, the track is literary in every way. “The Road to Nowhere” is the kind of song that doesn’t just merit repeat listens, but practically requires them. The track comes from the band’s final album in their trilogy of Family Tree albums, a story that follows a supernatural family in the 19th century, The Family Tree: The Leaves out March 2016. Check out the track above and be sure to check out the rest of Radicle Face’s dense, complex work.

  • ghost

    yes, thank you ben :D

  • Ariel E Arteta F

    Aww. Thank you, Ben

  • Arden

    I have no words…

  • Markus Vauhkonen

    “Radicle Face?”

  • JL

    Fantastic! I have been waiting so impatiently for the final installment of The Family Tree, and this track more than lives up to expectations. Hooray!

  • Amber Cross

    Fucking brilliant, everything I hoped it would be…

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