Quilt’s ‘Padova’ Visual is Refreshingly Natural [Video]

June 14, 2016 Comments Off on Quilt’s ‘Padova’ Visual is Refreshingly Natural [Video]

Quilt’s music video for “Padova” is a buffet of natural wonder. From imagery infused with picturesque forestry and bright, complimentary colors to mouthwatering arrangements of fresh food, the video transports the listener into fanciful folklore. The mood is conveyed beyond visuals, though, through the band’s folky vocals, which bring a sense of tranquility to the listener. Mixed with woodsy undertones and unaffected production, Quilt not only satisfy our visual and auditory senses, but our desire to experience the natural beauty of the world and the people within. “Padova” is refreshingly natural — it’s a piece that carries us away from our hyper-stimulated world and gently places us into an oasis of unprocessed, unfiltered goodness.

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