Quiet Hollers Sings Us a Story With ‘Mont Blanc’ [Stream]

Quiet Hollars – Mont Blanc

The songwriting from Quiet Hollers is expressive, poetic and intriguing. This Kentucky quintet has given us an engaging formula that’s equal parts rich narrative, strong vocals and engaging melody. Their brand-new track, “Mont Blanc” (a title which references the luxury pen brand), is a story that has us eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

“I know I planted those seeds down too deep / they’ll die and never see the sun / my fault for that one / I was a city boy before / no excuses anymore / I’ll try to learn and keep us fed / shed a tear for the books I shoulda read.” The opening verse is supported by a quick percussion tempo and the soothing voice of Shadwick Wilde. If this first track off their upcoming self-titled album, due out on October 23, gives us any foreshadowing into the rest of the songs, we’re ready to preorder now.

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