Queen of Jeans Release Debut, Self-Titled EP [Premiere]

Philadelphia’s Queen of Jeans make very swoon-worthy pop. Miriam Devora, Matheson Glass, Nina Scott and Patrick Wall mix the lush harmonies of 60’s girl groups and some striking guitar lines into a surf-infused sway. Their refreshing take on a retro sound has garnered them plenty of attention since the release of their first single, “Dance (Get Off Your Ass)” back in October. Today, we are happy to premiere their gleaming, debut self-titled EP.

The irresistibly catchy “Dance (Get Off Your Ass)” is the ideal introduction to Queen of Jeans, delivering a flirtatious narrative with dreamy interludes and that tantalizing hook. “Rollerdyke” squeals in on feedback and blossoms into a rollicking two minutes of searing guitar and lighthearted vocals. Broken into two distinct parts, “Moody” holds quite true to its name. The dusty song unfolds from shadowy pining into a hopeful gallop towards the enduring love interest at the center of the lyrics. Both patient ballads, “Pup” and “Won’t You” rest heavily on Devora’s dreamy lilt, as it floats alongside distant harmonization, wandering guitar lines and the comforting pulse of the rhythm section. Concluding with the quiet, yearning echoes of “Waffles & Mad Men”, the EP is a welcoming beacon in the night, illuminating the decidedly bright future of Queen of Jeans.

The Queen of Jeans EP is out tomorrow, January 22nd, on Third Uncle Records in the US and Super Fan 99 in the UK. If you live in Philadelphia, you can catch Queen of Jeans live tonight at The Foundry for the Red Bull Sound Select Show curated by JUMP or at Kung Fu Necktie on January 30 for their album release party.

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