Put This New Mitski In Your Ears [Stream]

I’m obsessed with the new Mitski track, “Your Best American Girl”, for lots of reasons. Here are some. She starts things off with a possible Orange Is The New Black reference (maybe unintentional), so bonus points right up front. “If I could I’d be your little spoon/and kiss your fingers forevermore,” she sings inside the track’s patiently sparse intro just before telling the object of her affection to go on without her because they’re just too different. On the surface, the tone seems self-deprecating, but as we move further along, we find self-affirmation instead. The most powerful point of the song breaks at “your mother wouldn’t approve of how my mother raised me/but I do, I think I do”. As explained in her recent interview with NPR, Mitski is half Japanese and wasn’t raised in the US, thus her failed attempts at being her partner’s “best American girl”.

Mitski’s “Your Best American Girl” is endearing, heart-wrenching and strong. It takes all of the things we already love her for and moves them up a level. This is super concentrated Mitski with some serious repeat play quality — I know because I’ve been listening to it on repeat since she dropped it last week. This is the first single from her forthcoming fourth album, Puberty 2, out June 17 on Dead Oceans. That’s a long time. Next single please!

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